• I’m a smartphone user, not an app developer. Can I still use AppSolid®?

    AppSolid® is a security solution built for app developers as they have access to apply protection after they finish app development process. You can, however, encourage the developers of your favorite apps to use AppSolid®.

  • What platforms do you support?

    We currently support Android, iOS, Unity 3D, Cocos2d, and Unreal.

  • Should I apply AppSolid® before or after releasing my app to the market?

    If your app is not live yet in stores: AppSolid® protects apps against decompiling and reverse engineering. We highly recommend applying protection before publishing an app to take full advantage of all our features and ensure security from the beginning.

    App is already live: It’s never too late for apps already published in the market - AppSolid® can help to prevent future versions from being compromised when applied to future app updates. We also recommend building in version checks to ensure that files from previous versions of the app cannot replace those in your new version.

  • What are your pricing plans?

    Please contact us for pricing details.

If you have more questions, please Contact Us.